Devops Days Cuba 2017

Devops days Cuba 2017 From Monday, Oct 23, 2017 till Friday, Oct 27, 2017 we participated (and co-organized) devops days Cuba 2017. The conference took place in the lovely Varadero at Hotel Melia Marina. The program was packed with international and Cuban speakers. Next to the talks, a workshop about devops essentials was given and several open spaces about different devops topics were held. Devops pitfalls Our talk was about devops pitfalls.

Devops Days Cuba 2016

Devops days Cuba 2016 From Tuesday, Oct 18, 2016 till Friday, Oct 21, 2016 I co-organized devops days Cuba. Devops days Cuba took place in Havana and about 120 IT professionals attended. You can have a look at the to see which wonderful topics were discussed. The open space sessions in the afternoon were very productive. Organizing the event was a great experience. In typical Cuban style many things happened before and up to the last minute things needed to be arranged.

A Sustainable Model for ICT Capacity Building in Developing Countries

System administrators are often asked to apply their professional expertise in unusual situations, or under tight resource constraints. What happens, though, when the “situation” is a foreign country with only basic technical infrastructure, and the task is to build systems which are able to survive and grow in these over-constrained environments? In this paper we report on our experiences in two very different countries – Cuba and Ethiopia – where we ran a number of ICT projects.